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All fuel used in mobil production equipment is treated with Dipetane. Fleet comprised of Komatsu, Caterpiller and Volvo Machines.

Roadstone Dublin, Ltd. at the Belgard Quarry, part of the CRH Group,


June 26 -07.



Hi Drew


I have attached a copy of my report for your reading. Included is a section on Dipetane and the benefits to Roadstone. This was presented in a powerpoint presentation to CRH managers and directors approximately 1 week ago. Although not a Biofuel I included dipetane as an added extra as I believe it has many benefits which are similar to biofuels e.g. lower emissions, cleaner emissions, lower fuel economy, replacement of fossil based diesel, cost benefits, cleaner engines etc.

I hope this is of benefit to you and your company.


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Adrian Kenrick



Belgard Quarry


5.1 Dipetane Fuel Treatment

5.11 Overview to Dipetane Fuel Treatment (DFT)


Dipetane is a 100% Hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. There is nothing in Dipetane that isn't already in the fuel. Dipetane assumes the characteristics of the fuel it is treating. It is a single product for all fuels. It has its own lubricant and it complies with all relevant British and USA Standards, including low sulphur fuels. Dipetane is mixed in the ratio of 1:200 for all liquid hydrocarbon fuels (Dipetane, 2007).


5.12 The basic principle on which Dipetane Fuel Treatment (DFT) works

When mixed into petrol, diesels and heavier fuel oils, Dipetane actually causes much more of the fuel to be burned. By burning more fuel, more energy is released therefore reducing the amount of fuel required to perform the same amount of work. In addition, fewer emissions are left un-combusted and fewer contaminants work their way into the oil. Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCD's) form in all fuels except Dipetane treated fuels. The formation of CCD's is the cause of wasted energy and more emissions. After the combustion chamber is cleaned up, increased power and more efficient use of fuel reduces the amount of fuel required to perform the same amount of work. The result is better fuel economy!

Biodiesel fuels have proven to be highly benefited by the addition of Dipetane to increase fuel economy and reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Diesel fuels, including heating-oil, treated with Dipetane burn so completely that carbon deposits are essentially eliminated in the combustion chamber leaving them nearly as efficient as when they were new. Black diesel smoke is eliminated and soot levels in oil are dynamically reduced (Dipetane, 2007).


5.13 The benefits of Dipetane Fuel Treatment (DFT)

  • Increases fuel economy by 10-15%
  • Reduced Emissions and Smoke of approx. 25% and 50% respectively
  • Extends engine life
  • Dipetane treated fuels actually burn cooler, significantly reducing nitrous oxide (NOx)
  • Dipetane treated fuels combust more completely – providing 10% more efficiency, 25% less pollution, to comply with the Kyoto Protocol Emission Reduction Targets
  • Meets or exceeds all fuel specifications (Dipetane, 2007).

5.14 Dipetane use in Roadstone machinery

Although not a biofuel in the first context, Dipetane certainly performs like one when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases and reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. Dipetane has been used in Roadstone Dublin locations since its inception and has proved its worth throughout those years. It has reduced harmful exhaust emissions by helping more of the hydrocarbons to be combusted during the combustion cycle. The engines run cleaner as less combustion chamber deposits (CCDs) form. Dipetane treated fuel is used continuously in Roadstone locations but the aim is for greater coverage of Dipetane into all locations. Table 10 shows the potential savings to be made by using Dipetane in the treatment of gas oil for quarry machinery.




Dipetane: Cost Benefit analysis – Roadstone

No. vehicles in the fleet


Average annual mileage


Vehicle economy (mpg)


DERV price per gallon (Euro)


Projected annual fuel cost (Euro)




Dipetane cost per gallon (Euro)


Cost for dipetane (Euro)


Fuel consumption saving using dipetane


Fuel savings using dipetane (gallons)


Total savings (Euro)


Less the cost of dipetane (Euro)


Net savings with dipetane (Euro)


Economic savings using dipetane


Effective miles per gallon using dipetane


Net savings per vehicle (Euro)




Total DERV before dipetane (gallons)


Fuel saving by using dipetane (gallons)


Total after switching to dipetane (gallons)


Effective cost of diesel by switching to dipetane (€)


Cost savings (Euro per gallon)


*Figures are based on Roadstone Dublin Ltd. information




Dipetane Eases the Fuel Budget Squeeze at El Paso County, Colorado.
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"General Petroleum first tested Dipetane on its own fleet 4 years ago and found that we got about 10% better fuel economy..."
- George Hopwood of General Petroleum.

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