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Dipetane Fuel Helps Solve Apache Junction School Districtís Smog Problems


Yorba Linda, CA----December 15, 2005----Apache Junction Unified School District (AJUSD), located 30 minutes east of Phoenix, recently has drawn national attention for its active participation in legislative issues. Renown for pristine desert air quality and incredibly clear vistas of the famed Superstition Mountain, AJUSD is fighting encroachment of the same ‘Brown Cloud’ problem that many urban and desert areas, including L.A., Philadelphia, Chicago, NYC, Salt Lake, have experienced.

Following a study of the ‘brown air’ phenomenon by state legislators that concluded the entire neighboring county of Maricopa had “serious” levels of carbon monoxide, ozone and other toxins, the AJUSD decided to do something about it. Known for its visionary approach to education issues AJUSD decided to attack the problem of air quality with the same determination that has made it leaders in the area of education. The transportation department tried using Dipetane for improving air quality, and increasing overall fuel economy. AJUSD noticed dramatic results with an 11% reduction in fuel usage and healthier air for its 5,700 students.

“Dipetane spokesman Robert Pond said, "The district found a solution to a problem challenging other districts, high fuel prices, for which no budget allocations had been designated. Dipetane can solve similar problems for the nation with our emissions control as well as up to 15% improved fuel economy. At 12% savings, a fuel price of $2.30 is reduced by 27 cents. Our fuel product has been proven for over 15 years and 100 million miles of problem free performance.“

Not only can Arizona school districts benefit from Dipetane-treated fuel but nationwide, families with school children can be assured their children are riding cleaner, safer buses and taxpayers can be happy that reduced fuel costs are passed down to their taxing districts. Brian Gleave, Fleet Supervisor of AJUSD said, “Our buses are getting about 12% better fuel economy.”

Fuel cost and environmental issues have stolen the recent headlines. The U.S. spends some $200,000 per minute or $13 million per hour on foreign oil. More than $25 billion a year is spent on Persian Gulf imports. With increasing demand for fuel for cars, trucks, ships, vessels, tractors, generators and water pumps as well as the machinery that empowers America, fuel has become a huge problem. And with it, polluted air problems.  Dipetane is part of the solution.

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Dipetane Eases the Fuel Budget Squeeze at El Paso County, Colorado.
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"General Petroleum first tested Dipetane on its own fleet 4 years ago and found that we got about 10% better fuel economy..."
- George Hopwood of General Petroleum.

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