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June 2011  

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Dipetane Helping Trucks Achieve 10 MPG

as reported in Land Line Magazine


Small Steps

It's not just the truck and major components churning out peak performance to peak fuel economy. It's also every last drop of fluid – each one taking its small step toward the challenge of 10 mpg.

 By Paul Abelson, senior technical editor

The final steps to 10 mpg involve fluids: oils and greases, coolants and additives. While engineering of the trucks and components makes up the largest percentage in fuel savings, it will be these final few small steps that help OEMs achieve the leap to an industry average 10 mpg truck.

Fuel additives are not just to prevent winter problems. Used year round, most well-known brands will maintain your fuel system in like-new shape, but they will not increase mileage. Two products from TMC members do, in fact, improve fuel economy. Combustion Technologies’ Clean Boost has been tested by the Southwest Research Institute, and Dipetane was tested by Claude Travis Associates.

In independent testing, both products demonstrated about a 3 percent reduction in fuel use.

Three percent is 451 gallons at 6.5 mpg, or close to $2,000 a year. Both suppliers provide testimonials from fleets claiming even greater savings in real-world use, but the 3 percent achieved in controlled tests is still in impressive number.

If you look at the progress already made and now under development, the 10 mpg truck may be just around the corner, if it’s not here already. LL

To read the entire Land Line Magazine article by Paul Abelson click here.





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"General Petroleum first tested Dipetane on its own fleet 4 years ago and found that we got about 10% better fuel economy..."
- George Hopwood of General Petroleum.

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