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"The final steps to 10 mpg involve fluids: oils and greases, coolants and additives. While engineering of the trucks and components makes up the largest percentage in fuel savings, it will be these final few small steps that help OEMs achieve the leap to an industry average 10 mpg truck." Land Line Magazine article by Paul Abelson click here.


"test vehicles demonstrated a significant and repeatable improvement in fuel economy." "also resulted in an increase in horsepower coupled with a marked reduction in engine "blow-by", which will contribute to increased engine miles-to-overhaul."


Dipetane treated fuel is used at Roadstone Dublin, Ltd. Belgard Quarry. All mobil production equipment is treated. Fleet comprised of Komatsu, Caterpiller and Volvo Machines. Roadstone is part of the CRH Group.


Dipetane Found in Fuels The Experience Was Fuel Savings and Reduced Harmful Emissions

4/17/2006 Dipetane Eases the Fuel Budget Squeeze at El Paso County, Colorado
1/20/2006 Making Port of Hueneme the most environmentally friendly port in the world
1/13/2006 Combustion Technologies Issues a Dipetane Challenge to the members of the California Dump Truck Owners Association
12/15/2005 Dipetane Fuel Helps Solve Apache Junction School Districtís Smog Problems
10/15/2005 Capistrano Unified Cuts Fuel Costs and Reduces Emissions with Dipetane
4/7/2005 Pupil Transportation Cooperative Cuts Fuel Costs and Reduces Emissions with Dipetane™

Dipetane Eases the Fuel Budget Squeeze at El Paso County, Colorado.
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"General Petroleum first tested Dipetane on its own fleet 4 years ago and found that we got about 10% better fuel economy..."
- George Hopwood of General Petroleum.

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