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  Dipetane Fuel Technology Performance Testing
Windward Petroleum

Dipetane Fuel Technology Performance Testing


Testing Conducted By: Windward Petroleum

Location: Manchester, NH

Report Date: June 29, 2007

Number of Vehicles: 19

Vehicle Type: Class 6 & 7 straight trucks; diesel engines


Results: 14% increase in fuel economy


Testing Overview


After establishing a mileage baseline on 19 company owned trucks during weeks 1-5, Dipetane Fuel Technology was added to Windward’s bulk fuel storage tanks at a ratio of 1:200 as per manufacturer’s blending specification. All subsequent fuel deliveries during the testing period were treated with Dipetane at the same blending level during weeks 628. Data was collected, by Windward, on a monthly basis to include total fuel consumed and miles driven by each individual truck for the entire test period. Results were reported via documentation provided by Windward Petroleum.


Summary Conclusion


Windward Petroleum has completed a 28 week fuel economy study utilizing Dipetane Fuel Technology. Windward found a 14% increase in fuel economy.


In a study of 19 diesel over-the-road company owned delivery trucks, the actual amount of fuel and miles driven were recorded at each fueling. The fleet averaged 6.23 miles per gallon at the outset of the study period. Fuel performance increased to an average of 7.07 miles per gallon by the end of the study period. To put these results into perspective, the 14% savings is equivalent to fueling 1 in 7 of the company’s trucks for free, or getting free fuel for 4 weeks of the 28 week test period.


The test results were calculated and reported by Windward Petroleum staff, which monitored the performance of the trucks throughout the study period. During the early portion of the study, performance improvement was less dynamic, however by the latter half, the improvement was well demonstrated.


Additional Information


The Dipetane was supplied by Dipetane Northeast, the Dipetane supplier to New England. Dipetane Northeast representatives state that the strong performance in the latter portion of the study is typical of fleet improvement explaining that Dipetane takes a period of time to clean the carbon deposits from the combustion chambers, after which the fuel economy and power are more dynamically seen. Once cleaned up, the trucks will maintain the higher level of performance.


Contact Information:


Greg Geisinger, Fleet Manger, Windward Petroleum, Manchester, NH.

Phone: 800-343-3666



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