June, 2011

Land Line Magazine: Dipetane helping trucks to achieve 10 mpg
"The final steps to 10 mpg involve fluids: oils and greases, coolants and additives. While engineering of the trucks and components makes up the largest percentage in fuel savings, it will be these final few small steps that help OEMs achieve the leap to an industry average 10 mpg truck. "
April 22, 2008
Dipetane completes SAE J1321 / TMC TYPE 2 Fuel Economy Test
"test vehicles demonstrated a significant and repeatable improvement in fuel economy.....also resulted in an increase in horsepower coupled with a marked reduction in engine "blow-by"
April 16, 2007
Dipetane is used in all Roadstone Dublin Quarry mobil equipment.
Although not a biofuel in the first context, Dipetane certainly performs like one
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